Tech Savvy Innkeeper
I've just created this site as a tool for the hospitality industry to keep up with web marketing trends. So much of the marketing I do as a REALTOR can be applied to the way hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and other recreational businesses perform their marketing too. We're both selling something - what I'm selling is just longer term! We both try to showcase the real estate or property but as important or even more important is the area surrounding the property. So over the past couple years, as I transitioned from Innkeeper to Lodging Broker, the time I've spent in online marketing research has been an invaluable learning tool that I wanted to share with those already in the hospitality business or those looking to get into it. Besides, it's easier to point someone to my website than to explain on a regular basis :)

I welcome comments and suggestions, since I fully believe in engaging, networking and building and maintaining relationships.