Tech Savvy Innkeeper
Jing is a tool that allows you to capture any part of a screen you are viewing, whether a document, a website, an email, anything in your view. With a couple clicks, you can crop and save a screenshot as an image file. For me, it's helpful in many ways. I've just gone through and captured each menu bar from my website ( and duplicated it for each page so that I could place it at the bottom of each page too. But my website (built by Weebly) doesn't have a template with a top and bottom menu bar. So my way around this was to create an image of the menu bar and embed the hyperlinks by using the ISDNtek from my previous post. I can then in my website editing screen, add the html code I create through ISDNtek to add tot he bottom of each page. So this post ties in two fabulous tools which can be used for so many things!

Here's how I did it:

Step 1- I used Jing to create a snapshot of Google Maps.

Step 2- I used Photoshop Elements to add photos of each of my listings. You can use any photo editing site that allows you to create layers. Be aware of the size of your site where your image will appear and size it accordingly.

Step 3- I saved this as an image file.

Step 4- go to ISDNtek for the site and easy how to instructions.

Step 5- In order to add the image to the image mapper (ISDNtek) I had to upload to the internet in order to grab the "image URL". I added this to my Flickr photos, right clicked on the photo after it was uploaded and then copied the image URL. 

Step 6- then I went to ISDNtek and added the image URL.

Step 7- click on "New Link" and add the landing page for that link/image and add a caption. I repeated this for every listing/image I had, and sent each link to the dedicated listing landing page on my website.

Step 8- click "make code" and copy the code. Anywhere you can embed html code you'll be able to add your newly mapped image. 

The result? check out the map on my website.

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