Tech Savvy Innkeeper
I posted this photo today on my Brokerage Blog as it relates to my real estate business. I like to feel that I am ALWAYS in touch and ALWAYS accessible (that might be a touch of OCD but that's just me). As an innkeeper, I did nearly the same thing - for those few hours where we might have had a break, we'd go hiking or sit and read on the rocks at the "beach", as long as we were within cell phone range. I'd carry a backpack with my iPhone and a copy of our reservation calendar and I'd be prepared to take reservations wherever, whenever. When a guest decides to make that inquiry or call, I figured I better be ready or they may go to the next inn that answers sooner. And that happens. It doesn't make you a slave to the business but rather gives you the freedom to enjoy while you are still "working"... Maybe it's my way of looking at things - after all, my glass is always half full...

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