Tech Savvy Innkeeper
I read a post the other day about your online score, or Klout.

"Klout is a measure of one’s online influence measured by Twitter and Facebook interaction. Some companies (like Starbucks or Virgin America) have begun to use Klout to determine who should or shouldn’t be getting special perks at their establishment (like a room upgrade a hotel for instance). Today Disney has entered the fray with a deal combining Walt Disney Animation Studios next feature film Tangled with Klout to provide perks for those with the most influence."

So let's think about how this can apply to the hospitality industry. Can it become more reliable than TripAdvisor or Yelp? After all, Twitter and Facebook allow for you to interact one on one with your guests or potential guests, when the review sites are very controversial and not always fair. Perhaps this is another way to let your potential guests get a feel for your property by your online personality. I think this is more important of smaller inns and bed and breakfasts where there is more personal interaction between owner or innkeeper and guest. I think Social Media Klout could be a very good thing for the hospitality industry. It provides another level of customer service too.

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